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Creator of the website ‘TVShack’ claims he is no different to Google.

by Hannah Sinclair | 04.11.2011
The creator of ‘TVShack’, Richard O’Dwyer, a graduate of Sheffield University, is now facing extradition to the US after his site domain was seized by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement back in November 2010. The site listed links to websites which contained pirated copies of the latest movies and TV shows. The US wants O’Dwyer to be handed over to them so he can be tried on US soil.

It is widely known that the legal system has and still is struggling to keep up with the forever rapidly changing and developing World Wide Web. The issue arises when people are able to travel into websites in other countries and consequently different jurisdictions, from the comfort of their UK home. O’Dwyer faces the American legal system because they argue that he committed a crime whilst being within America’s jurisdiction even though technically he was still within the UK.

In an attempt to avoid extradition O’Dwyer argued in court yesterday that:

“His website linked to other websites in the same way Google and Yahoo operate.

“You were not able to view a film from TVShack directly.

“TVShack did not charge a subscription in the same way Google and Yahoo don’t.

“It generated income from advertising, just as Google does.”

Will these arguments stand though? The case will continue on the 22nd of November 2011. No doubt the facts will be debated from both sides and a decision seems a long way off for now. O’Dwyer will join the likes of Gary McKinnon, the hacker of U.S. military computers who has been fighting against extradition since 2002.