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Yahoo Improves Display Offering with better Behavioural Targeting

by Nick Beck | 02.11.2011
Always strong in Display, Yahoo is emerging from the last couple years with an interesting… very now offering. While everyone is concentrating on Social, Yahoo sees that the Display market is about to explode again…
Received this announcement this morning:
Earlier today, Yahoo! announced that it has agreed to acquire interclick, a technology company whose solutions for data-driven advertising combine data and premium inventory with innovative audience-targeting technology. This acquisition signals further investment by Yahoo! in the performance display space and adds to Yahoo!’s industry-leading targeting capabilities.
The interclick acquisition will benefit Yahoo! and our advertisers in two ways:
1. It includes a proprietary audience-targeting technology platform called Open Segment Manager (OSM).
2. It brings in a team that is experienced in selling audiences across varied sources of pooled supply.