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What would you recommend on Twitter?

by Rainelda Ozuna | 28.10.2011

It is not a secret that the best advertising resource is the word of mouth. And what better word of mouth could be in the internet environment than Twitter? I guess Facebook’s quick wall posts, but lets admit, they are not the same.

According to a new study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, people who follow brands on Twitter say they are more likely to buy products from the brands they follow and more likely to recommend those brands to friends (a.k.a. followers).

The research discovered that among surveyed Twitter users who follow at least one brand on Twitter, fully one half (50%) say they are more likely to buy products from brands they follow on Twitter. An interesting fact is

that male brand followers are more likely to buy a brand’s products after following it on Twitter than female followers (55% vs. 45% – not a huge difference, but still 10% are pretty noticeable).

Following brands on Twitter motivates people to recommend those brands: Overall six in ten brand followers say they are likely to recommend a few (42%) or many (18%) brands to friends after following them on Twitter. Interestingly people who are under 35 are more likely to recommend the brands they follow on Twitter to their friends than people who are 35 to 49.

And would you recommend a brand you follow on Twitter to your friends?