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What people are saying about you?

by Carlo Pandian | 27.10.2011
Recently SEOmoz has talked about page one domination for branded terms explaining techniques and strategies to get proven results. As a matter of fact, every firm must control its online reputation as it plays an important factor in the customer buying decision.
reputation management

By looking at analytics data, even small online retailers have a share of brand queries that match to two situations:

– The customer visits a website on a previous day and has forgotten the url.
– She/he is looking to find more information about the company , for example proven quality of the products or delivery service, corporate social responsibility, previous customers’ experiences etc.

As soon there’s a considerably high volume of searches it is arguable that a company should invest in controlling the brand results and manage the reputation. Pepsi and Coca Cola can be taken in consideration as an example because they dominate two pages of their SERPs. These contain their own websites such as the international one, the competition one, micro sites etc. and their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare etc.. As Google is looking to offer a multimedia experience to the users it shows news, images and video as well.

If the two soft drinks seem clean from the critics, a search for “McDonald’s” shows a boycott article in the first page, a sign that they lack in the domination of the results.

In conclusion, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to show your customers a good brand image, first of all in the Google results and than in social media conversations. What are you waiting for, check out how your brand looks in Google now!