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Why you should try Topsy?

by Carlo Pandian | 26.10.2011
Topsy social media search engine

What’s going on in the search engine market this week? Google announced that it is going to retain keywords data from the logged in USA queries while it develops its PPC product for example the dynamic search ads. On the other hand, Bing seems to have improved its results as much as they can but still seems to look very similar to their fellow search engines! Its not finished there because MC Hammer is launching a keywords relationship based engine that has a completely different approach than the others and it is called WireDoo.

Will it be as a long-lasting success as U Can’t Touch This?

What happens if you want to search social media conversations instead of the websites? Try Topsy, a great real-time search engine for the social web. It is a great tool with functions that are useful for SEOs and marketers looking to develop a conversation inside the web. Here you can see some of the features:

-Search tweets by keywords
-Influential twitter accounts within a topic
-Visualise the mentions of a keyword for the past 30 days
-Trending in Twitter
-Search photos and videos
-Create email alert

Apart for the functionality, you can use Topsy for two tasks:
1)Produce great SEO assets, in particular articles and content
Whenever you are planning to write a series of blog posts, it is great to double check what has been said in the social web, and of course it can used to take advantage of the seasonality of some search queries . You may notice that too many people are talking about the same things but they haven’t touched on a point that you want to.
On the other hand, it is functional for link-building to find bloggers that accept guest writers or host competitions.  A simple search of “guest blog” or “competition” plus your niche will help you to find out contacts that usually have higher degrees of online presence and communication. In terms of scalability this will make the process of the blogger outreach quicker and on the other hand you can contact twitter users to promote your content in a certain niche.
In conclusion, as social media is getting more attention with sharing buttons available in most of the successful sites even from bloggers and publishers, Topsy is a real tool that adds a new opportunity to build links with quality sites.