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Retail Search Volume Increases in Q3/2011 (But So Does Bargaining)

by Tug Agency | 20.10.2011
Recent figures of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and Google show, that in Q3 retail search volume in the UK has increased 35 % compared to the previous year. A main factor behind this is the continuing rise in mobile searches, which had already increased 216% in Q2 compared to 2010 and were up another 168 % in Q3 (year on year).

According to the organization Home and Garden related searches in July, Back To School related searches in August and Christmas related searches in September (no, I am not that organised neither but apparently people are) were the main factors that fuelled the increase over the past quarter.

And 10% of all retail searches were carried out on mobile devices.

However despite rising retail search volume actual online spending has dropped by 10%, which suggests that people put more time and effort into their research in order to find the best deals.