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Dynamic Search Ads from Google

by Rainelda Ozuna | 20.10.2011
All advertisers have experienced times when new ad copies and keyword lists must be created for new products. The same is with products that go out of stock suddenly and advertisers cannot predict the exact second when to pause keywords and ad copies promoting these products. It is giving hard times for many of us out there but not for long. To help advertisers with these challenges, Google announced that they are launching Dynamic Search Ads – a new way to target relevant searches with ads generated right from your website.

With Dynamic Search Ads Google will maintain a fresh index of advertiser accounts by using the Google organic web crawling technology. When a relevant search occurs, Google will dynamically generate an ad with a headline based on the search query and the text based on your most relevant landing page. The ad will enter the auction and compete normally. However Google will hold it back for any other relevant searches where you also have an eligible keyword targeted ad.

Google says that this new feature will not only complement advertisers, but the users as well. It was often experienced, that a user is searching for something specific and the ad doesn’t completely answer the user’s query. When users click on an ad, they expect to see the products that they were searching for, but it is possible that the product was sold out, so the users get an overall negative search experience. It is more likely that user clicks will convert into purchases, if the ad answers user queries. Google says that they did limited testing for the Dynamic Search Ads and so far they have seen solid performance.