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Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II vs. iPhone 4

by Rainelda Ozuna | 18.10.2011
Yes, this has become an old, but huge fight between Android and Apple. And the war between Samsung and iPhone is also a common thing going on at the moment. I have recently read that it takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes daily for an Android phone user to explain why he/she didn’t buy an iPhone – not sure how true or false is this hypothesis, though.

Although Apple has succeeded to successfully block the sales of selected Samsung devices in a couple countries around the globe, this hasn’t stopped the Samsung Galaxy series of phones from becoming an international success. The South Korean company Samsung announced yesterday that the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II have got up to 30 million. That’s right, Samsung sold 30 million Galaxy S series units worldwide (between the S and S II devices). Thanks to the powerful phone and the Android platform it uses (which is also a huge hit these days) the first generation Samsung Galaxy S has reached nearly 20 million, while its sequel, the Samsung Galaxy S II recently passed the 10 million mark.

Samsung reports that the Galaxy S II is the fastest selling device to date in the company. It took the Samsung Galaxy S II only five months to break 10 million units sold. Adding to the success story of the device, the Samsung Galaxy S II received various accolades such as the “Mobile Choice” and “Consumer Award, 2011” and the “Phone of the Year” title from the Gadget Awards 2011.

Congratulations to Samsung achieving this amazing success!