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Google +1 button on your Display ads

by Rainelda Ozuna | 14.10.2011
Are you running display ads on the Google Display Network? Do you want people to recommend your ads’ landing pages to other potential customers? Then you are in for a treat.

On Monday 10th October Google AdWords announced that the +1 button and personal annotations will start to appear with your Display ads. So if you are seeing the button, don’t be surprised, however it is possible that some advertisers do not see this option as of yet, but Google says that they are working hard to roll out the +1 button to everyone who are using AdWords display ads as soon as they can.

The reason to create this feature was because Google believes that incorporating user personal recommendations into display ads has the potential to change the way people view advertising. Google says that a display ad will become much more powerful when users can see which of their friends and contacts have chosen to endorse it. The +1 button on display ads will work together with +1 buttons on search results, search ads and websites. A single +1 applies to the same content across the web, no matter where it appears. It will be able to include the button to image, animated GIF, Flash, Display Ad Builder ads and also on Double Click Rich Media ads.

Google is looking forward to add the +1 button and personal annotations to all eligible inventory over the next couple weeks, as they are confident from their experience with the button on search, that it will be a great addition to advertisers’ Google Display Network campaigns.

Since the introduction to the +1 button on search results and search ads, it has been installed over a million websites across the web with over 4 billion impressions daily, so no wonder Google decided to add it to the display ads as well.