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Tracking Phone Calls Driven By Adwords

by Turan Kasimova | 11.10.2011
Google has released a new AdWords feature that will help generate and measure phone calls directly from the ads – AdWords call metrics that will be fully launching in the UK on 17th of October.

Using the technology behind Google Voice, call metrics generates a unique phone number for each of your campaigns. When your ad appears on, this phone number is automatically inserted into your ad. Then, when a potential customer calls this number, they’re redirected to your business and AdWords notes that the call took place. When you view your AdWords reports, you’re then able to see how many calls you’ve received as well as other data points, including call duration and, in the near future, caller area code.

Call metrics ads can appear on, on both desktop computers and high-end mobile devices. One of the benefits of using call metrics is that your phone number is included in addition to your ad text, leaving you free to create ads as you normally would, highlighting unique information about your business or special offers. On high-end mobile devices, the phone number itself will be clickable, making it even easier for users to reach you when they’re on the go.

Using call metrics is an easy and effective way to get insight into the value that your ads are bringing to your company beyond just clicks and impressions. The phone calls that you receive using AdWords call metrics will have a charge. Currently in the US, where the product was first released, the charge is $1 per manually dialled call to a Google forwarding number.