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Stuck in a 24 month contract…

by Hannah Sinclair | 11.10.2011
…This is a problem many BlackBerry users are facing (myself included) and with frequent issues surrounding internet browsing, emails and BBM, BlackBerry is currently dealing with an influx of complaints, again!

The most recent of problems started on Monday morning (10th October 2011) and is reaching from Europe through to the Middle East and Africa. Research in Motion Ltd (RIM), which makes BlackBerry devices, said that services are now operating normally, however London users are still complaining with faults on BlackBerry’s own messaging service.

Many turned to Twitter when they eventually had internet access, with most tweets moaning not at BlackBerry’s service failure but at their failure to inform users sooner.

“Dear Blackberry, after the past two days goings on I’m seriously considering moving over to the iPhone side, It’s ridiculous! SORT IT OUT!” – an opinion shared on Twitter this afternoon, which no doubt would be echoed by many other BlackBerry users.

If BlackBerry had a little more communication with their customers maybe a few more would stay loyal to BlackBerry when their contract is eventually up for renewal!