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Two SEO Events To Watch Out For In October

by Tug Agency | 07.10.2011
Now that summers is well and truely over, networking has to take place indoors again rather than outside the local pub. In a way it is a shame but it also brings many exciting and inspiring events to the conference centres near you.

In October there are two that we are particularly looking forward to. Having been spoiled already in the previous months with being able to attend the free and very comprehensive industry event ad-tech London based SEOS can look forward to finding new insights at the Distilled conference Searchlove London on the 24th and 25th of October 2011. With ticket prices of up to ? 750 you may find that this event is not on the cheap and cheerful side but will definitely be inspiring and worthwhile as you get the chance to find out about the latest in linkbuilding strategies, social media and technologies from Distilled’s and SEOmoz’s SEO gurus.

Those of you who like travelling and still have a few holidays to spare might still find an available flight to Berlin, where they can have two industry events for the price of one: SES holds its annual conference in Berlin on 13th October in conjunction with OMcap. This popular search marketing events previously took place in December but this year SES and OMcap organizers have teamed up to deliver one big event with over 40 experts talking about the latest industry insights. Tickets cost € 499 but according to the website drinks are included.