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Quick tips to optimize a Facebook Fan page for SEO

by Carlo Pandian | 07.10.2011
While social media marketing is growing, Search Engine Optimization is increasingly related to the virtual networks with a positive relationship between “Facebook Likes” and search engine rankings. Facebook fan pages are the best way to engage customers and make them promote your brand. You want to be sure that people can find your product/company in “Facebook” and engage with your brand. Moreover these can rank in the search engine result pages along with your website name.
The following is a quick best practice guide for the optimization of Facebook pages:


Create a custom URL
Go to and create your customer RL including your brand name and your targeted keywords in the URL. You shouldn’t exceed the 55 characters limit if you would like a good looking title in the Google SERP. Use the brand name and 2/3 keywords to explain your business if it is worthwhile.

Write a compelling meta tag description
This will show up in the Google SERP. It contains the profile name plus the About section and finish with “| Facebook”. In particular you should fill the About section with no more than 140 characters.

Distribute your targeted keywords
Write great copy for the “Basic information section” including the targeted keywords and links to your website.

Add a content snippet
Facebook is a marketing channel where you can engage with customers and publish information related to the set of values of the brand. Upload content snippets that link to your blog or website in order to drive visitors as clos as possible to your point of sale. When you are posting a status update, the SEO title will be pulled from the first 18 characters.

Facebook notes and discussion
Although these sections aren’t popular among users, they can rank in Google. Stick your targeted keywords in the titles and the first 18 characters will be pulled out for the SEO title.