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Twitter Launches “Twitter Web Analytics”

by Tug Agency | 15.09.2011
Do you want to know how much traffic your website gets from Twitter?

How many people clicked on the share button?

Until now we had to rely on external measurement services to get a rough idea, but from now on it will be Twitter itself who will provide analytics data to website owners and community managers … Which should make reporting on Twitter activity a lot easier.

Twitter presented “Twitter Web Analytics” on its official blog, its own measuring tool, which will offer website owners more data about their site’s integration with Twitter.

The new data and the tools itself are provided by BackType, the analytics company that Twitter bought last July.

The tool is free and still a beta. Only a few testers and Twitter partners will be able to try the new tool (at least for a few days), rumors are than in a couple of weeks “Twitter Web Analytics” will be available to all website owners.