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Christmas is coming…

by Rachel Coate | 15.09.2011
Christmas is coming? But it’s only September I hear you cry!! However, as we are all aware or should be, it’s imperative to start thinking about your e-commerce strategy now. While government cuts, reduced household budgets are causing doom and gloom for the high street outlook, Verdict are forecasting a 16% year on year growth in Q4.
So, what is the best approach to prepare for this and ensure your site is ready for the increased demand:
Prepare early and know when traffic levels are highest – Experts predict that this year Cyber Sunday and Cyber Monday will fall on the 4th and 5th of December. Ensure that your budgets are high enough to cover this demand, bids and creatives optimised to guarantee that your ads are compelling for the bargain hungry masses.
Try to answer the consumers’ questions about delivery in the ad copy, be realistic about delivery dates and ready to cover off any concerns about bad weather or strikes fulfilling consumers’ wishes.
The new Tablet generation
Tablet commerce is going to be a major online trend for this festive period. Tablet users spend 50% more than PC web users on a device that delivers either equal or higher conversion rates. We are starting to see this with retail clients even outside the busy Christmas period. As with mobile campaigns, retailers can drive increased performance through this channel by ensuring that their campaigns are separate from desktop and serve seasonal, tablet specific messaging.
So, to summarise, prepare, anticipate and optimise – key requirements for successful Christmas campaigns.