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Diversifying Your SEM Strategy With Video Content

by Tug Agency | 04.08.2011
Diversifying your SEM Strategy With Video Optimisation

For retail business owners, some serious SEM concerns are: improving the brand’s authority, increasing visibility and driving traffic from engaged consumers, and how to achieve all these goals with relatively small budgets using a long-term “sustainable” strategy, well, many businesses do not take advantages of video content.
Not only are video results less competitive than traditional search –making it easier to achieve better results, but also these are frequently featured in universal results, with around 40% higher click through rate than the traditional blue links.
Optimising a video is more straightforward than it sounds: Make sure to use consistent keywords across titles, descriptions, file names and tags; and produce and submit a video sitemap in order to increase the chances of the video content getting indexed in the major search engines.
But it is not only about keywords, investing in high quality pays off.  Make the video stand out with interesting and entertaining content, add the logo of the company and in different frames include calls to action.  Lastly add a full transcript of the video in the landing page that will help to improve the overall quality of the page.
Pro tip: optimise for ‘review’-related keywords as these are more likely to get featured in universal results! Informational keywords such as ‘ipad 2 review’ or ‘gap jeans review’ will include video results than any transactional searches like ‘buy nikon d300’ or ‘buy mazda 3 2011’
Apart from all the above, you should bear in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine beating the likes of Bing and Yahoo!  So consider setting up a video channel on this platform and interact with your visitors providing information about your products.
When SEO’s talk about ‘content is king’, it is all about adding real value to the potential customer needs.