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Google Offers Web Hosting/Page Speed Service

by Tug Agency | 03.08.2011
* Google will have its own Content Delivery Network

* Google Will compete with Akamai, Amazon and other industry giants

* Users can navigate between 10 and 60% faster

Google is launching a new service called Page Speed, which is very similar to a Content Delivery Network.

The service is still a beta, you can only get in with an invitation and the information about it is limited, but for the time being it allows us to compare the loading speed of our websites how they are right now with Google’s new service.

In essence, visitors to your website will receive the content from Google’s servers instead of yours. Because Google’s servers are are based all around the world, your site will load a lot faster no matter where your original hosting servers are based or where your visitors are from.

Naturally, a company like Google with its server power can offer this service and ensure faster results. In testings, Google saw speed improvements of up to 60 percent faster.