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Are you on Google + yet?

by Tug Agency | 29.07.2011
So, the latest in the ongoing fight between Google and Facebook is the invention of Google +. It is in direct competition with Facebook but offers a different style of Social Networking.

Check out the video below for a brief explanation of Google + and how it’s different to Facebook:

So, that is basically a Google + video for dummies, showing you the advantages and different features to Facebook.

The end of the video is especially poignant, showing you that most of the Internet features/programs we use are Google related therefore Google have a good case for us to make the switch to Google +.

Facebook have over 500 million users, so Google’s task of converting Facebook users in to Google + users seems to be a mammoth one, but I’m sure Mr.Zuckerberg will be keeping a firm eye over his shoulder from now on.