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SEO and Google +: My 2 Cents

by Tug Agency | 13.07.2011
1. Public messages in Google + are indexed by Google’s search engine. Therefore, we should put links there to our sites. In addition to what we published on Twitter or Facebook, we should now also put them in Google’s social network. Social media is becoming more and more important for link building. SEO becomes “more social”.

2. Google + social signals (most shared posts or those receiving the most +1) will carry more weight links from other social networks. The more people recommend your site with Google +, the more trust and authority Google will give yo tour site. The user’s preferences are a new factor to consider when positioning. Sites and links are now being rated by users, where to find the best information, etc.  This isn’t something new, Google has been using twitter and Facebook for this purpose for awhile now, but with the new Google social network having a solid social strategy is imperative.

3. Real-time search could be replaced by what users rate on Google Plus. I even dare say that Google will probably implement something like “what’s trending” as part of the search engine. Without a doubt Google is incorporating to its search engine and social network the best features of Facebook.

4. Just as Google itself acknowledged what factors were taken into account to give greater weight to links posted on Twitter or Facebook, same should apply for Google +. The most relevant profiles will pass more juice to the links posted on their walls. Meaning that having authority on Google + will end up more being important than being considered an authority on Twitter, at least for SEO purposes….