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LinkedIn & Slideshare improve content sharing across social networks

by Nick Beck | 23.06.2011
LinkedIn and Slideshare have improved their partnership – allowing users on Slideshare to share interesting content with their LinkedIn professional network with the click of a ‘share’ button on the site.  Read more about the social integration of the two sites.

At Tug, we started using slideshare for our link building efforts for various clients years ago. We always knew that in addition to creating link equity for our clients’ SEO programmes, there would be added value in the form of human readers. Now we see this being taken a step further, with our SEO link building efforts merging with our Social Media Marketing (SMM) efforts. This is no surprise to us at Tug where our SMM division grew out of our SEO department – its just another sign that SMM is a growing element of good SEM.