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How to update the blog and not die trying

by Tug Agency | 23.06.2011
Sometimes we find it impossible to update our blog:

– Lack of time, too much to do at work.
– You are working on too many projects.
– Personal problems, family obligations.
– Tiredness, illness.
– Fights with your boyfriend/girlfriend, family, friends, neighbor, neighbor’s daughter, lover of the neighbor’s daughter, aunt of the neighbor’s daughter, etc.
– Dog got in a fight with a bigger dog with bigger and sharper teeth.
– Slow internet connection.
– Or simply because you don’t want to do it!

While there are compelling reasons (illness, too much work, family, etc.), that stop us from updating our blog as much as we would like to, I’m going to give you “guys” a few tips:

1. Never procrastinate. If you are going to write and you have a few minutes to do it, do it now. Here we apply the famous saying “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”

2. Don’t write about the same stuff all the time: If you do the same thing, even if you are passionate about it, eventually you’ll end up bored of it.

3. Inspiration won’t come to your door selling iPads at affordable prices, you need to grow the habit of writing frequently. What do I mean? Write every day, even if it is just a few sentences.

4. Think of your blog as a work project: Set goals for the short, medium and long term. Think: What do you want for your blog? How many daily visitors you want? Do you expect to increase brand awareness for your company or earn revenue from it? If so, what should you do? Plan and implement accordingly.

Finally, I leave you guys with 3 suggestions to stop blogging from becoming a monster with 7 heads and fiery eyes:

– Read a lot. Whenever you can read magazines, blogs, books, ebooks, etc.

– Look for information on the topic of your site, learn about it, visit the top blogs in your industry and try to discover the key to its success.

– Write and save drafts for future posts. This way you will have a valuable archive of ideas for when the imagination or desire to write fails.