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10 reasons to be number 1

by Tug Agency | 06.06.2011
Gradually, companies are realizing the importance of SEO. Most implement very basic measures taken from SEO experts, and if from those basic tips they get some results, they then study the posibility of hiring a professional. But working on your SEO strategy is so important that every second they wait is a second waisted. Here are 10 reasons to invest in SEO and why you shouldn’t let the competition take the lead.

It was recently leaked an AOL research on the impact of appearing on a page or another and in one position or another. The first conclusion may seem that the best thing out of ranking in top of Google is that you will receive more clicks, but that’s not all.

From these statistics we can see that being in the first position of a search engine increases the confidence of users when purchasing, visiting, etc.

Here are the 10 reasons why to be #1:

1. Whoever is in the first position of a search engine takes 42.25% of the clicks
2. Whoever is in second place receives 11.94% of clicks
3. The third, a 8.47%
4. The fourth 6.05%
5. The rest of the results on page one account for 5% of the traffic
6. Top ten results of page one add up to a 89.71% of traffic
7. The ten following on page two, only 4.37%
8. Page three will only get 2.42%
9. Fifth page, 1.07%
10. And beyond the fifth page, I am sorry but your site does not exist