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Is your website good enough for Google?

by Tug Agency | 26.05.2011
Lately we have seen many changes in Google’s search results, motivated by its determination that search results should provide sites with high quality content. That’s why we will give you a few tips on how to make sure your site is not affected by the Panda update, the latest change in Google’s algorithm.

We have collected a series of questions provided by Google itself to assess the quality of your site’s content :

Is your content  created with the reader in mind, or for search engines?

When writing  content for your website, you must take into account what users need, how can you make sure that they find  your website useful …. and of course, always write for people, not robots.

Does your site has duplicate or redundant articles?

It is important that your site has a interesting, original content, with accurate information. This should be your aim, not only improving your website rankings in search engines. If you offer good  and useful content to your readers, Google will consider your site trustworthy.

Is your content properly drafted and structured?

Not only  is it important to provide reliable information on your site, but also to make sure that your content is readable and properly structured.

Is your content written by an expert?

Nobody knows your website better than you, the products and services you offer. So, who better than you to say if your site is actually any good? If you feel like your content could be better maybe you should get professionals to help you out.

What kind of quality control is done on your website?

Establish a set of parameters and basic requirement that should be met for content going live on your site

Is your content biased?

It is not all about writing how good something is, but to present an unbiased version for the reader.

Is your website a recognized authority on your niche? Would you recommend your site as a reference in your industry?

These are key factors of a site’s reputation and its author.

Is your content outsourced to third parties resulting in 1000s unrelated pages lacking structure?

It is very important that all content featured on your site is somehow related. In the same site don’t write articles about search engine optimisation, fast cars, music, etc. Pick a niche and stick to it

Have you reviewed the wording, style and format of your articles or have they been written and published in a hurry without taking care of these details?

When writing an article all these aspects are very important, so you must pay attention to your layout, grammar and readability to make sure it capture users’ attention and encourages them to keep on reading.

In conclusion, we recommend you always use relevant content on your website. Write useful content, with the reader being your main priority.