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The importance of the Google +1 button for businesses and agencies

by Tug Agency | 21.04.2011
Google recently released the “+1” button, a new way to recommend sites on Google’s search engine.

When a user marks something they like, every time their contacts look for similar keywords will see that their friends have highlighted certain results, which will increase the chances of them going to the same site.

It is important to note that these buttons will not only be found in the search results, Google is working on a version of the button that could be placed on web pages, making it easy for users to recommend content.

What does this mean for businesses and agencies?

Google hopes that this will increase the quality of traffic to most sites, with an increase in clickthrough rate (CTR). They have made it very clear that the +1 button will not affect quality scores or sponsored ads rankings, the user experience and relevance will be used to determine quality scores.

What does this mean for organic rankings?

This button was designed to help Google deliver more relevant results to its users. My guess would be that they are planning on using this information to optimise organic rankings.

In fact, Google claims that since the beginning of 2010 social network’s data has been used as “signals” to shape organic positioning.

How can I get a”+1″ from my visitors?

Make sure that your site contains high quality and relevant content, which will make your visitors want to recommend it to their contacts.