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Royal Wedding Fever Hits Google!

by Tug Agency | 21.04.2011
The Royal Wedding is just 2 weeks away! But Google has seen a massive spike in search terms related to the Royal Wedding over the past 6 months, and not surprisingly, us Brits are the biggest culprits for this.

Here are a list of search terms that are on the Up, since the announcement of the Royal Wedding:

  • Fascinator
  • Fruitcake – Up 25% in the last month
  • Wedding tiara – Up 70% since last year
  • Carriages – Up 70% from last year
  • Flights to London & London travel – Up 10% since last year
  • Royal honeymoon – Up 50% in the last two weeks

Below is a Screenshot of Google trends where you can see how searches are popular over time, taking a specific look at the Royal Wedding and it’s global effects.

So, as you can see, us Brits are the most excited about this joyous occasion, tapping our fingers away on our keyboards with anticipation, using Google as our main source of outlet. Ireland is a close 2nd place, then New Zealand, Canada and Australia rounding out the top 5.

So there you have it, we are officially in a state of Royal Wedding Fever and there’s not long left to wait until the big day. Here at Tug we will be celebrating a very special wedding of our own… We would like to congratulate Nick Beck, our Managing Director, for his upcoming Wedding. We send our best wishes and hope you have an amazing day!