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Google Panda: The SEO world is experiencing a new revolution

by Tug Agency | 19.04.2011
A few weeks ago, Google updated its algorithm to protect companies and creators of original content from black-hat SEO practices, by  blocking and dropping poor results from its results. We have even seen cases where legitimate businesses are falling because of these changes.

The black-hat practices include the use of a variation of a brand name to capitalize with users looking for specific brands. According to Google, they modified their algorithm to protect legitimate businesses from this kind of fraud, but this has indirectly hurt some businesses. These changes have now been released worldwide.

According to the report, companies like and Shopzilla have seen their Google rankings drop by over 50%, but the biggest loser was undoubtedly, which lost 96% of its rankings after the update.

We have seen winners too … eBay’s rankings have increased by 42%, as well as some news sites like TechCrunch which have seen a significant increase in visibility after the update.

SEOs need to change/improve their link building strategies, SEOs that fail to adapt to the new algorithm update we’ll see their rankings drop. It could be slowly or overnight, but it will happen.

The expansion and integration of Google +1 could complicate things a lot more if the data and feedback collected from users through this new tool are taken into account when ranking sites.