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Negative comments and reviews on the Internet can increase loss of customers by 27%

by Tug Agency | 29.03.2011
Depending of the industry, between 11% and 27% of the loss of existing customers is due to the influence of the comments and reviews found online. Good brand management could increase your new customers by 37%.

The study was conducted for the technology, telecommunications and insurance sector. It proves that comments and reviews on customer satisfaction, product policies, services and their quality are determining factors for new customers, customers that buy online and customers that research online and then purchase through off-line channels.

The study also concludes that 2.0 media (social networks, forums, blogs and websites) have become the main source of information, regardless of whether the purchase takes place through online or offline channels. Before making a purchase, 67% of consumers check for others opinions on the Internet, and from all of them, 89% admit that they were slightly influenced or very influenced by those comments when it gets to the point of making a decision.

Data collected by the consulting firm Marketing Intelligence Guidance reveals that 31% of opinions about a brand directly or indirectly include at least one or more competitors, offering some comparative argument. Through the analysis of the comments made by Internet users, 58% of the causes of abandonment of an existing customer can be identified and subsequently corrected.