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Forget MasterChef…. Hello Google Recipes!

by Tug Agency | 03.03.2011
Stumbled across a really cool, fun & exciting Google Feature today, named “Google Recipes”. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, but I will give you a brief explanation anyhow. First of all, it is very easy to find and use, as most Google features are. You just type in a search query in the Google search bar, and when you are given the results, look to the left of your results where you will see a list of features including Videos, Shopping, Books, Places & etc, now with “Recipes” included in this list.

The Results then change to a list of Recipes including user reviews and delicious looking photos of the food you are about to make. What is also very cool about this feature, is that you can search not just by the actual recipe name but by ingredients, phrases like “what can I make with these 3 ingredients?” & you can also put in a name of a town, city or country with the Google result giving you National dishes, most popular recipes in that area, and specific food recipes that were made from the location you typed in. You can even modify your search to take away recipes containing ingredients you don’t want, how long you want to spend cooking or how many calories you want in your meal! Amazing!

Check out the video below for some more Info on Google Recipes…. Bon Appetit Everyone!