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London SES – Thursday’s Top Tip Takeways!

by Faye Daffarn | 28.02.2011
Really enjoyed Thursday’s sessions at SES London last week and saw some great speakers (high five Kristjan Mar Hauksson – gave a great talk on using social to help boost tourist figures during the volcanic eruption in Iceland last year).  And admittedly one or two not so great speakers!

So, I top tip takeaways that I will certainly be thinking more on include…

1. Social Media Monitoring Tips

6 Key Metrics for Social Media Measurement (courtesy of Search Engine Watch).  I thought this was a very useful starting point and a good way to look at influence holistically.  To be fair though those on board are only really going to be concerned with conversions, so thanks again SEW for pointing us in the right direction.

  • Gross Views: Aggregate views across various social channels (Facebook, Blog posts)
  • Connections: Expressed interest in your brand (Blog subscribers, LinkedIn group members)
  • Audience Engagements:  Re-tweets, social media Brand mentions, Blog comments
  • Social Media Referrals:  for this you need to configure with your web analytics tool
  • Social Media Conversions: You should measure conversions from each social media channel again by configuring as per above
  • My Engagements:  Monitor your own activity within the social media space (internal blog posts, external blog comments, tweets)

2. Best Tweeting Tip

Great tip from Ralph Tegtmeier that many big brands forget about.  Don’t tweet the full 140 characters as it limits the ability for your followers to be able to re-tweet.  Also make your tweet a good headline and an attention grabber

3. Best all round quote

I loved Mel Carson‘s talk on Social Media and the Marketing Mix – really made you think about how many forms content could take and how it could be proliferated.  Great use of anecdotes!

“The web is already social, it’s what you do with the content that counts’

All in all, a good thought provoking day!