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5 common mistakes in SEO campaigns

by Tug Agency | 22.02.2011
1 – Do you have realistic goals?
To be the first choice in search queries like “mp3”, “football” or “car”, is only possible for companies with huge budgets. A more achievable Google start would be focusing on “long tail” keywords. This way it is much easier to position yourself for keywords like “watch football online” and excel in that niche.

2- Are you following Google Webmasters guidelines?
SEO Practitioners sometimes make the mistake of focusing solely on link building, forgetting on-page optimization and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Things like titles, H1 tags or keyword density can be the difference between ranking #5 or #12 in Google.

3- Do you have quality and relevant back links?
It is not enough to have hundreds of links pointing to your site. Your back links should come from sites with authority and relevant to your niche.

4- Have you done proper keyword research?
Keywords are the foundation of any SEO strategy. The best keyword is the one that brings visitors that are ready to purchase whatever you are selling. To achieve this you need to spend your fair share of time using the Google keyword tool and other tools like Market Samurai.

5- Do you have enough time?
SEO is not something that you can set and then leave on “autopilot.” This profession requires continuous effort and dedication as if it were an investment. The best thing you can do if you don’t have enough time is to look around for a search marketing agency, and outsource your work to a professional company that can manage your SEO campaign.