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New Google Service – “One Pass” – Comes in to Play!

by Tug Agency | 16.02.2011
Google have unveiled a new service enabling publishers to sell digital versions of newspapers, magazines and articles. Directly competing against the news that Apple releasing a subscription plan for media sold through its application store.

Google said its new “One Pass” service allows publishers to sell content that consumers can view on Web sites as well as in specialized apps designed for smartphones and tablet PCs. Publishers can charge for content in a variety of ways, including subscriptions, metered access, and sales of single articles, Google said in a post on its company blog on Wednesday. The service also enables publishers to provide existing print subscribers with free or discounted access to digital content.

Apple release something very similar a day before Google, directly aimed at Iphone and Ipad users introducing a long-awaited subscription plan for media companies that provide content in specialized apps. The service allows Apple to keep 30 percent of customer payments to any publisher with a presence in its App Store.

Both services are available for publishers in the US and UK, as well as Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.