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Looks Like the Normal 9 to 5 Working Hours are a thing of the Past!

by Tug Agency | 03.02.2011
Over the past few years, Mainly due to the introduction of Social Media and the ever increasing/ever popular Mobile Technology/Smart Phones, the normal office working hours of 9am to 5pm seem to be coming to an end.

Before we were taken over by the social media websites Facebook, Myspace, etc and having the internet on your phone… we lived in more basic times, where the only functionalities your mobile phone had were calling, texting, playing snake and making custom ringtones (awwwhhh, those were the days!), and the only social media website available was

Now there is the constant demand to be connected all the time, whoever and wherever you are. With mobile technology advancing all the time, the modern day Joe Bloggs is walking around with a super computer in his/her pocket. Giving us all the ability to stay constantly in touch with work emails, social updates, work schedules & calendar appointments.

I think there are many pro’s to having a smart phone and having the ability to actually work without being at your desk, but it also increases the demand from the client, because they know that you no longer leave everything behind you when the clock hits 5!

So there is no question of the convenience and overall accessibility the smartphone gives us, and you all know what the offerings are from Social Media by now. But what effect is all this having on the modern day office worker? Well, although some office’s still stick by the 9 to 5 regime, there are a lot of savvy, new age online companies out there that are looking at changing to a more 2011 style of life… Does this mean we can look forward to coming in to work at 11am every morning? Possibly. But as I have discussed throughout this post, the ability to work 24/7 is there for everyone and many workers are obliging, work is creeping in to our social life and our recharge time, let’s just hope our brains can handle it!

9 to 5…. more like 12 to 12!