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The white iPhone 4 camera is delaying its release

by Tug Agency | 31.01.2011
Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has spoken about the white iPhone, and in his statements highlighted a few problems delaying the launch of the phone. The camera is one of the biggest headaches for the company, however Apple’s co-founder is hoping that these problems are all solved.

The white iPhone was promised by Apple several months ago, shortly after it appeared the standard version of the phone in July last year.

When Wozniak tried to take pictures with flash activated the resulting images were awful, as if they were covered with cellophane – as recorded by VatorNews. This means that the white case causes interference with the camera and the pictures come out overexposed to light.

According to the co-founder of Apple, they have already solved all the problems relating to the white iPhone 4 and it should go for sale soon. Wozniak praised the Android platform, claiming that the platform has many features that the iPhone 4 hasn’t.