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The Beginning of PPC without the use of Keywords

by David Brooks | 27.01.2011

Alex Cohen of Search Engine Watch has written an article about the future of paid search without keywords. The following is from the article:

“As search marketers, we’re used to buying based on intent as expressed in the search query. We do that primarily through keywords paired with match types and bids.

In paid search without keywords, intent is just one of five ways we’ll target prospects:

  1. Intent: Search behavior, as expressed through search queries.
  2. Audience: Demographics and psychographics, similar to traditional media and display ad buys.
  3. Business Type: Certain verticals (personal finance) and markets (small businesses) will have special targeting.
  4. Product: Online retail is one of the biggest spenders online and Google’s Merchant Center can bridge products and ad space.
  5. Behavior: Prior behavior and interests can make some audiences more valuable than others.

We’re seeing this already today in various forms, such as Product Listing ads and buying on the Display Network. Kevin Lee offers a compelling vision of how real-time bidding could further expand the way we buy paid search.”

Read the rest at Search Engine Watch.

Here at Tug we’re always looking into new technology in Search and this is definately something we will be looking out for.