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New Year Sets a New Tweets Sent Per Second Record

by Neil Goddard | 12.01.2011
A recent blog post from the official Twitter blog has announced that the record for number of  tweets sent per second (or TPS) was smashed over the New Year with the help of Japan. Just four seconds after the stroke of midnight in Japan on New Years day a massive 6,939 tweets were sent around the world, wishing everyone a Happy New year.

Japanese New Year is a very social event with the majority of the country shutting down so everyone can spend the day with friends and family and see in the New Year together. The new record 6,939 TPS is over double that of the previous record 3,283 again set with the help of Japan when during the world cup they beat Denmark.

But Japan wasn’t the only country tweeting their well wishes this new year, check out the following video showing New Year twitter activity across the world in each time zone.