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Future of Display Advertsing

by Faye Daffarn | 10.01.2011
Socially Integrated Banner Ads

The PepsiCo Brand ‘Mountain Dew’ was the first to stick social signals in ads back in October last year, with a Facebook ‘Like’ button.

Web users were able to “like” Mountain Dew within a banner ad appearing on a host of sites, which automatically alerted their friends via the Facebook News Feed if logged in at the time. Users could also interact with the ad to see which of their Facebook friends already “like” Mountain Dew. This was relatively un-talked about considering how significant the run was and how it will surely affect the future of display advertising.

Brands have been happily gathering pools of social media followers that they can engage with, but can’t effectively track the ROI or value from a social media campaign.  Display advertising will give Brands the reach and access to a wider audience, but banner blindness can be a risk (which is why the ROI on a Search campaign is usually greater).

The convergence of the two will mean Brands can get that awareness they strive for whilst growing the social media channel, plus be able to track activity and value.  This will give rise to a potentially very powerful form of Internet Advertising as making online ads more personalised can only make them better.