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A Facebook Search Engine on its way?

by Tug Agency | 04.01.2011
So it’s a new year and I am predicting a lot more emphasis on Facebook in 2011, especially seeing as though they have just received a very generous endorsement of $500 Million from Goldman Sachs. Although this has not been officially confirmed, it has been widely reported that this is the case.

Apparently the Goldman investment will enable the company’s most wealthy clients to “get in” before an IPO and virtually guarantee that Goldman is the firm (or the lead firm) that takes Facebook public when that eventually happens.

Despite the obvious success of Facebook in 2010, they is rumoured to be increasing pressure for them to go public and create their own search engine to rival Google (proving that the more you succeed the more is expected from you!). Facebook are reportedly making an annual $2 Billion on advertising, serving almost 25% of all US display ads according to comScore.

Something that could potentially interest Facebook would be to buy out the fast growing search engine “Blekko”, to enable them to have their own search engine. But, this is all rumour and circumstance and is not something that I think we will be hearing from Facebook anytime soon, although I am sure it is something that is a definite possibility as the social media giant continues to grow.