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Flash, no longer a problem for the iPad

by Tug Agency | 23.12.2010
The application was a big surprise for everybody when it was released for the iPod, because it allowed us to play Flash content … this same app will now also be available for the iPad. Skyfire says that the app has already been approved and that it should go live in the coming hours.

Skyfire has introduced a new version of its browser by proxy to the iTunes app store. If they are able to improve its management of Flash, it is very possible that it could become as popular as Safari, at least for the iPad.

Skyfire works in the iPad like any other application, but it mimics many of the elements from the Safari interface.

However it would have been a lot easier if Apple had not made the controversial decision to eliminate Flash from the all their devices running IOS. If there are two things that tarnish the usability of the iPad is the lack of multitasking and the fact that it can’t play Flash content.