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Google Launch Chrome for a Cause

by David Brooks | 16.12.2010
Google have launched a new extension for Chrome in which when you open new tabs – Google donates to charities. The charities currently involved are: The Nature Conservancy, charity: water, Doctors Without Borders, Un Techo para mi Pais, and Room to Read. The following is a breakdown of what gets donated for however many tabs:

  • 10 tabs: 1 tree planted
  • 10 tabs: 1 book published and donated
  • 25 tabs: 1 vaccination treatment provided
  • 100 tabs: 1 square foot of shelter built
  • 200 tabs: 1 person’s clean water for a year

If you use the Google Chrome web browser on a regular basis, be sure to download the extension as soon as possible. Once you have installed the extension you will immediately start the scheme and you can keep track of how much you have contributed by clicking the chrome for a cause extension button. At the end of the day you will be able to choose what you are donating and to which charity.