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Facebook Promotion Rules Have Changed

by Tug Agency | 03.12.2010
For those of you who are familiar with Facebook advertising and promotions, this is a great bit of news for you. Facebook have recently changed their strict policies to allow smaller organisations/businesses to get in on the act.

So the 3 main things that have changed are:

No minimum spend is required – Facebook have changed the rule so that you no longer need a minimum media spend to support the promotion. This means that companies with smaller budgets can now create a Facebook competition or run promotions without encountering problems.

You no longer need approval from Facebook – If you wanted to run a competition on Facebook before, you would have had submit to Facebook first, and then await for approval, which was time consuming (stopping the possibility of a spontaneous competition/promotion) and not always resulting in the outcome you were looking for. Now these factors have gone, but you do need to make sure you stay within the guidelines Facebook have set out for competition and promotion creation, because Facebook will not be able to spot every mistake you make from this point onwards.

New feature – Check in for a competition – This new feature requires Facebook users to Check in via Facebook Places before being allowed to enter the competition. Which is an added bonus for advertisers, giving them new info on their key demographic.

For more info on the specific rules and guidelines of Facebook promotions and competitions, follow this link