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Google offered 2,5 billion for Twitter

by Tug Agency | 25.11.2010
Google may have tried to buy Twitter, offering around $2,5 billion dollars for the company according to a source close to the negotiator involved in the talks. According to BusinessInsider, Microsoft may have also tried to bid on the microblogging site.

It is well known that Twitter is looking for a profitable business model, with initiatives like the recently launched, but they could also need funding. Nevertheless, the fact that Google made an offer for Twitter is not a surprise.

The news comes from a source close to an executive involved in the talks. He says that Google recently offered $2,5 billion dollars for Twitter, but it wasn’t a formal offer. Another source, a shareholder of Twitter, also said that the site turned down an offer from an unknown entity for the amount of $4 billion dollars.

Both sources also believe that Microsoft may have made an offer, which gives an idea of the interest of large multinationals on the microblogging website. Digital Sky Technologies, Facebook’s Russian investor, is also keeping an eye on Twitter.