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Fancy a Facebook Book for Xmas?

by Tug Agency | 25.11.2010
I don’t know what to think about this to be honest. Part of me thinks that the appeal of Facebook is now starting to warp people’s minds and reach platforms I’m sure they (Facebook and Mr.Zuckerberg) didn’t think were possible. But the other part of me thinks that it is quite a cool concept and possibly a great idea for the perfect Unique Xmas present… until the whole world wants one, that is!

An App designing company named “Bouygues Télécom” selected 1000 lucky people’s facebook profiles and created an App which was able to transfer the historical data (all the goings on, updates, photos, pokes, farmville updates, etc) of your profile, and put it all in to a Book!

Check out the Video below:

Just before you put this on your Xmas list for Santa, I have to inform you that this was a one off promotional stunt by the French App Creator’s. But I’m sure you could probably create a Facebook petition to make this one off a more permanent feature…

You guys have seen the film “Terminator” right? Well replace the terminators with Facebook & Google and that will be my prediction of future events! Will they stop at nothing for their goal of World Domination?