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The iPad 2 will arrive in early 2011

by Tug Agency | 19.11.2010
Rumors are growing about the next generation of Apple’s tablet, which could go for sale in the first quarter of 2011. According to the Chinese manufactures for some of the iPad’s components, the iPad 2 will be available in February, but by then it will not be the only option of its kind in the market.

The companies: Ibiden, Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies has been certified by Apple to be the main manufacturers for the PCB of the device. In February, four additional new manufacturers will be added, when sales for the iPads 2 begin to skyrocket.

Information of this kind often arise. The fact that in February they are planning on hiring four new manufacturers may indicate that Apple has a high sales forecast for that month or even before the iPad goes for sale, reason why they would need to increase the pace of production.

The first generation of iPad opened a new market. If there was no need for this kind of device device among consumers – the tablet from Apple created it. When the second version goes for sale, it won’t have it as easy as the first time … the market will be full of tablets from different manufacturers and operating systems, especially from Android.