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Twitter Analytics launched

by Tug Agency | 18.11.2010
For a few months now we’ve been hearing rumors that Twitter was planning on creating an analytics service. Ross Hoffman announced that later this year they’d begin to offer a beta service to some users, and they sure did!

Twitter reports that they have selected a group of users and invited them to use the trial version. As reported in September, a privileged group of users were already using Twitter analytics: Andrew Nystrom of RedBull and Brad Nelson of Starbucks, had a conversation on Twitter ensuring that the service worked great and that it was really helpful.

Red Bull and Starbucks are part of the promoted tweets program, many believed that the service would be limited to companies that participated in the program, but it seems that Twitter has the intention of making it available to all users, and free!

What do we know about Twitter Analytics?

Web analytics services intend to report on the impact of online activity. Twitter Analytics reports on the number of tweets, retweets, and of course the most popular tweets.