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Real-time analytics, essential for small businesses

by Tug Agency | 10.11.2010
Many small businesses struggle when competing with large companies. For those who focus their business on the Internet, real-time analytics is a very useful tool that can help them increase profits.

Practically since the Internet was created, there are tools to help webmasters measure traffic on Web sites. Systems were initially based on log files or log files that offered a general idea of the number of ‘hits’ per week. Over time they have developed more accurate and detailed tools which typically use a combination of JavaScript and cookies to track human activity and filter the bots.

Despite how advanced and detailed are some tools like Google Analytics, they tend slow down when data accumulates, which is increasingly problematic as the Internet continues to grow and increase its speed. Some services take up to 24 hours to gather the data, which is a bit annoying when your business needs real time analytic data.

A series of analytical solutions for real time date have emerged in recent years, offering Web masters a detailed look of what happens on their sites at any time. Products such as Woopra, Optify, Chartbeat, Clicky and ClickTale. Most of these products have relatively low prices, so a small businesses could benefit greatly from these tools.

Where are they coming from?

As the standard analytics software, the real time tool can define whether users are coming from a search engine as Google, a shared link on Facebook or somewhere else. For all businesses is crucial to tracks the effects of their SEO strategies and Social Media campaigns.

How do they find your site?

One of the main benefits that offer real-time analytics is the ability to see in real time what terms users type in Google, Bing or any other search engine when looking for your site.