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Ask Jeeves ( Retires from Search

by Tug Agency | 10.11.2010
It started off as Ask Jeeves, and is now known as but no matter how many times they change their name they can’t change the competition. “Ask” have officially given up on providing search results to users and will now go back to their traditional Q&A system, leaving search for the big boys.

Ask Jeeves determined in 1996 from looking at the success that Google was receiving, they would integrate search results into their online services. Unfortunately they never came close to reaching the pinnacle of success that Google, Yahoo and MSN have, so after a long & feeble attempt  to keep their search going, they have realised that they should cut their losses and stick to what they are good at… providing answers for random questions, e.g. “Why do men have nipples?” hmmm… have fun with that guys!