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East End to be the new Silicon Valley of Europe

by Nick Beck | 08.11.2010
Old street was first named silicon roundabout in a Guardian article back in 2009 as well as by Dopplr’s Matt Biddulph. Wired then did an article where Tug was named as a member of the prestigious crew – creative search marketing agency – back in November 2009. This was followed up with a hard copy of the map in the magazine, in February 2010. Well it seems that was just the beginning.

The BBC did a big piece on it a week or two ago. My mum was very proud. And now in true political style, David Cameron has taken the whole idea as his own. His newly proclaimed aim is to turn the legacy of the 2012 London Olympics – with sprinkles of Shoredicth inspiration – into the Silicon valley of Europe.

Bring it on! We’ve been here since we started – because we always loved the transport links, the cool office space, the great bars and restaurants, the proximity to art and insipration… The more the merrier – thanks Matt, The Guardian, Wired, The Beeb, David – you’ve officially put us on the map!