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by Nick Beck | 05.11.2010
That’s right I really do. I think what I really hate is that they make me feel like they are doing me a favour at every turn – and all I am getting is bad service and being flown late into some distant airport – and the fare I’ve saved I have to spend on a taxi to get where I wanted to go in the first place or pay some smug Ryan air staff member cos I forgot to print my ticket out (are you kidding me!? my name is right there on your computer screen! why do I have to print my ticket out?) RANT RANT RANT

Well some genius started a website back in 2007 at the creatively named URL He’s been using it to hound them like they hound me when they are rudely shoving me on a flight with the frog ringtone playing so I can never be comfortable…. good – have a taste of your own medecine you rubbish airline

But hey – money talks and author Robert Tyler, from Walthamstow, London has had to give the domain back to the airline. You may ask why? Well because he made £322 off advertising on his site. That’s right a measily £322 – but enough that it could be argued that he was profiting from their brand. Ok he was. Profiting from their rubbish, tight fisted, cynical brand. Oh Robert you were tempted by the sweeet sweet candy that is online media – I feel for you. Robert didn’t anyone tell you that when you are a little guy you gotta play by the rules? The head of Ryanair drives in the bus lanes in Dublin cos he’s rich – he makes up his own rules – but no Robert you can’t. Sorry mate. Funny while it lasted though.

Capitalism 1. Free speech 0.