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What is deep linking?

by Tug Agency | 21.10.2010
When we work on a link building strategy we shouldn’t focus exclusively on our homepage. It is true that most sites that link naturally to our site, will do it to the homepage, but an alternative strategy would be building links to internal pages. The proper way to do SEO would be linking to the page containing the exact information instead of the homepage.

This technique is known as “deep linking”, it is as simple as linking to internal sections of the website using optimized anchor text.

An example would be if we have a website about ‘cars’ and a section about “used cars”, and you want to rank for the keyword “second hand cars”, ideally you should build links to the used cars section because the content in that section will be more relevant to “second hand cars” than the homepage. This way when people search in Google they’ll find the page you want them to find, which will provide the exact information they are actually looking for and decrease the bounce rate.