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A Reminder of Google’s Past, Present & Future

by Tug Agency | 13.10.2010
Here is list of Google Features/Products/Tools/Programs that we use, have used or are about to use, that I have compiled together as a reminder of what we might be taking for granted or in fact, we use them so much it has become second nature to us. It also confirms the Dominating presence of the global giant we have grown to love, across the whole of the Internet:

What we currently use:

What Google tried but didn’t work:

What we can look forward to from Google:

GMail – Google Gears Google TV
Google Maps – Jaiku Google Cars
– Google News Google Wave – Google Alternative Energy
– Google Earth – Dodgeball Google Me
– Google Apps Google Buzz – Google High Speed Internet
– Google Chat   Google Goggles
– Google Alerts    
Google Chrome    
– Picasa    
– Orkut    
– Blogger    
– Feedburner    
– Google Calendar    
– Google Adsense    
– Google Reader    
Google Analytics    
– Goolgle Ventures    
Google Adwords    
Google Voice    
– Double Click    
– IGoogle    
– Google Search    
Webmaster Tools    
– Book Search    
– Google Check Out    
– Google Finance    
– Google Video    
– Google Trends    
– Google Street View    

So there you have it, an ever growing list of Google related products that we use on a day to day basis without even realising it. I think that the day is soon approaching where we don’t even refer to it as the Internet any more and it will be simply named Google… Instead of “Surfing the Web”, it will be “Surfing the Google”, granted it’s not very catchy but you get my point!